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Explore our FAQ and Guide to get quick answers to your questions and discover features you might have missed! Created based on your valuable survey feedback.

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Available Features

Simply click the heart icon located at the top-right corner of the product image while you're browsing through our collections. If you're on a specific product page, you'll find the heart icon right next to the quantity box. To see all the items you've "hearted," just click the heart icon at the top of our menu.

We've got you covered! If you're not quite ready to make a purchase, you can use our "Save for Later" feature. Just head to your cart and click the "Save for Later" option right under the "Remove" button. The item will then move to a separate section at the bottom of your cart. Simply scroll down to find it.

You can also spot it on the right-hand side tab next to your wishlist, making it easy to move it back to your cart when you're ready.

No problem, let's make your creative vision come to life! Head over to our custom design page here to get started. We offer customization options for various products, like rubber floor mats, collapsible backdrops, vinyl products, and so much more. Just click on 'CUSTOM' in the menu bar.

If you have specific customization requirements like removing seams or adding extra pockets, jot them down in the order note or contact us at

No worries, we've got a super-handy diagram to help you out! On each product page, you'll find a clickable blue link saying 'Which size should I choose?' When you click it, a pop-up will appear with helpful examples and recommendations based on the number of subjects.

For a more detailed guide, check out our full size guide, which you can find under the 'HELP' menu, labeled What Size of Backdrops Should I Choose.

For any other questions, feel free to drop us an email at

You can explore our range of designers by navigating to the 'CLUB' menu and selecting 'Designers,' or simply click here.

Recently Added

Great news! We heard your request and have taken action. We've created a brand-new collection of fabric floor backdrops to make your shopping experience even better. You can find this new collection by going to the menu and selecting 'FLOORS & COMBOS,' then clicking on 'Fabric Floor Backdrop'. Plus, we offer a non-slip rug pad that pairs perfectly with these floor backdrops, ensuring they stay put during your shoots.

We've now added a currency converter to make shopping more convenient for our international customers. Just look for the currency change option at the top right corner of our website to select your preferred currency.

Coming Soon

No problem! We're continuously looking to enhance our gallery. Keep an eye out for more sample shots featuring real people on our backdrops.

We're so glad you're loving our new designs! We're already in the process of creating more matching floor options. Stay tuned for some fabulous new combos headed your way soon!

Thanks for the invaluable feedback! We're on it and you can expect a more user-friendly search experience in the near future.

Products Related

That's awesome to hear you'd like storage boxes! In response to your feedback, we've specially designed two types of storage boxes, and they're designed to match our upcoming fresh new Visual Identity—complete with a chic, modern logo and a brighter, more inviting color scheme. Interested? Click here to explore these stylish storage solutions.

The first is the "Normal Size Stackable Drawer-Style Storage Box," perfect for regular-sized backdrops.

The second is the "Big Size Stackable Storage Box with Top-Opening Lid," great for larger items.

While our solid white rubber floor mat can have a slight blue tint, our vinyl floor mats come out as a true solid white. Click here to explore this option further.

For an even wider variety, navigate to FLOORS & COMBOS, then select 'Other Floors' and finally, 'Vinyl Floor Drops' to view more color options.

Good news! We actually offer paper rolls. You can find our selection of paper rolls by clicking here, it's under BACKDROPS > Other Backdrops > Paper Backdrops. Happy shopping!

Absolutely, we're on the same page. We've noticed some inconsistencies in the AI-created scenes, like disproportionate elements. To address this, we're implementing more strict quality checks to enhance the quality of AI-generated designs. These include zoom-out inspections for detail accuracy and requiring approval from multiple designers before any design goes live. We're also looking to reduce the quantity of AI-generated items in favor of more realistic scenes.

We completely agree. Sometimes simplicity is key, especially when you want the focus to be on the subject. We're planning on creating simpler, less busy backdrops with less props and furnitures so that you can add your own. Thanks for pointing it out!

We totally get it - matching floors and backdrops can be a bit of a challenge and time-consuming. We're working on offering more sweeps and combo sets to give you a seamless look.

We're currently in talks with our printing partner to discuss the possibility of eliminating the white trim with the logo. We'll keep you posted on any updates.

That's a fantastic suggestion! We'll be expanding our birthday backdrop range to include themes for older kids, teens, and various interests like you mentioned.

Plus, we've also received a ton of other great ideas like kites, cowboys, race cars, realistic vintage trucks, sports, masculine vibe, military related, and so on. Stay tuned for these new additions, and thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Other Aspects

We're honored to hear that you choose Katebackdrop for such an important cause. We do offer a special program for non-profits and those collaborating with charitable organizations. We provide free backdrops to orphanages, relief bases, and similar institutions. If you're photographing for a non-profit, please reach out to us for potential support. You can email us at for more details.

We're thrilled to hear you're interested in designing backdrops with us! You can send your watermarked, low-resolution designs to for initial review. We're open to a variety of themes, but just so you know, we can't accept designs that are copyrighted by others or authorized by other backdrop companies. If we're impressed by your work and you're comfortable with these rules, we'll send over a comprehensive contract covering commission scales, payment periods, and other specifics. Looking forward to potentially collaborating with you!

Anyone can buy Tester backdrops, which are sold at discounted rates. In return, we just ask that you share in-use photos of the backdrop in our FB Kate backdrop VIP group or email them to us within 40 days of receiving the product. Don't forget to tag the images with #tester and the product SKU. We use these images for our website and promotional efforts. If you don't share images as promised, you'll be unable to buy Tester backdrops in the future. Keep an eye out; we announce tester sales most months before the 10th, offering FREE SHIPPING and up to 40% OFF, with a minimum purchase of 2 items required. Happy testing!

From the Team at Kate Backdrop

Exciting changes have arrived at Kate Backdrop! We've refreshed our brand with a new, modern logo and a vibrant color palette to enhance your experience. This update reflects our commitment to helping every photographer—amateur or professional—tell their story through our backdrops. With over 500,000 customers relying on our quality, we're dedicated to making every shoot the best it can be. Check out our new look—we're here for you, now with an even more inviting feel!

We've sifted through thousands of your responses from our recent survey, dedicating many days to understanding each and every piece of feedback. We've highlighted the most common questions in hopes that we've got you covered here!

Some of your valuable suggestions are now on our to-do list. It might take us a little time to implement them, but rest assured, we'll keep you in the loop about any upcoming changes.

We've been truly buoyed by the compliments in the open-text sections, especially messages like "keep up the good work." One message, in particular, moved us profoundly. It was from a photographer in Venezuela who said, "Muy agradecido porque sus fondos me han hecho crecer como fotógrafo en un país (como Venezuela) qué es difícil vivir de la fotografía," which translates to "Very grateful because your backdrops have helped me grow as a photographer in a country where it is difficult to make a living from photography." Knowing that our work is making a meaningful difference fuels our commitment to continually improve.

Last but not least, we're grateful for each piece of feedback you've shared. Your continued support and feedback are what make Kate Backdrop a community, not just a store. Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here's to capturing more perfect moments together!

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