You may be strugging with


Struggling with storing your piles of backdrops?


Do not want wrinkles and damages for the next use?

Here comes Katebackdrop storage solutions:

What We Are Aiming For

Visual organization

Easy to identify the right backdrop;

Maximize space

Repurpose unused and tiny areas;


Relatively independent storage without knocking down the others;

5 Solutions to Store Your Kate Backdrops

Solution NO. 1: Gift Box Storage

Product list

Small gift box

Card Sleeves

Large gift box

Card Holder


  • Protect against dust, dirt, and potential damage.
  • Various sizes to categorize your backdrops easier.
  • Visually pleasing uniformity to organized studio.
  • Card holder to file your backdrops for distance check.


  • Not suitable for extensive collection.
  • Add up your cost for plenty of boxes.

Total cost

50’Large Box ($103)
+ 50’ Small Box ($88)
+ 200 Card Sleeves($5)
+ 1 Card Holder ($17)
=$213 (Excluded the image printing fee)

Solution NO. 2: Hang on Cloth Rack with Hangers: For 20-50 Packs

Product list

Cloth Hangers:20/50

Simple Cloth Rack: 27

Metal Curtain Rods Set: 48 to 93” 18

Transparent Plastic PVC Vertical Sleeve: 28/100


  • Maximize vertical space without taking up valuable floor area.
  • Visible and easily accessible to identify each backdrop.
  • Prevent from excessive creasing and wrinkling.


  • May need enough room to accommodate the cloth rack.
  • Heavy and not easily movable once set up.

Total cost

50’Cloth Hangers ($20)
+ Simple Cloth Rack ($27)
+ 100 PVC sleeves ($28)
=$75 (Excluded the image printing fee)

Photo by Jessica Cook

Solution NO. 3: Hang on Cloth Rack Wall Mount with Hangers: For 20-50 Packs

Product list

Small Cloth Rack Wall Mount: 17/42.5 Inches

Large Cloth Rack Wall Mount: 26/73.5 Inches

Transparent Plastic PVC Vertical Sleeve: 28/100


  • Make the most of vertical space, even the higher space.
  • Much sturdier and more flexible than the cloth rack one.


  • Require effort and tools for this DIY projects.
  • A little more expensive than normal rack.

Small one(20-50 backdrops)

50’Cloth Hangers ($20)
+ Small Cloth Rack Wall Mount ($17)
+ 100 PVC sleeves ($28)
= $65 (Excluded the image printing fee)

Large one(50-100 backdrops)

50’Cloth Hangers ($20)
+ Large Cloth Rack Wall Mount ($26)
+ 100 PVC sleeves ($28)
= $74 (Excluded the image printing fee)

Solution NO. 4: Rubber Floor mat Storage

Product list

  • Garage Storage Hooks


  • Make the most use of your studio space.
  • Quick access to the desired floor mat.
  • Prevents creasing and deformation.


  • In need of space for dozens mats.
  • Improper storage can lead to curling or warping over time.

Total cost

3 Floor Mat = 1 Big Size * 4 Hook for each floor mat
+2 Small Size * 3 Hook for each floor mat = $12.99

Photo by Kacy Della

Solution NO. 5: Paper backdrop storage

File Storage Rack with 12 Slots

Total Cost

12 Small/Medium Size Backdrops = 1 Storage Rack with 12 Slots ( $49.96)

Bonus: Seasonal Backdrops Storage

Buy several large plastic totes and store them in the garage.

Total Cost

Plastic totes: Store those seasonal ones: $25

Use these storage techniques to easily elevate your studio's efficiency and visual organization while preserving your backdrops effortlessly.
A future of backdrop longevity and unblemished charm awaits – all through the art of proper storage.

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