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Rainbow Bokeh

The Rainbow Bokeh backdrop is more beautiful in person and photographs beautifully. I volunteer at a shelter and the dogs look great on this.

Boho Wedding Arch

I was able to use the Boho Wedding Arch for few Mothers day photo shoot. When I first saw the backdrop on Kate website I fell in loved with the vibrancy of the peach flowers and the arch and thought my clients will love this. When I received the backdrop it was even prettier in person. My clients as predicted loved it. This backdrop performs well in natural light as well with strobes. I paired this backdrop with a peacock chair and that was all the additional props needed. For a more realistic look make sure that the backdrop is stretched while on the stand. I plan on using this backdrop this summer. #test

Florals Backdrop

It’s very beautiful ! I ordered a 8x10. The only thing was that it was very complicated to steam and remove the wrinkles.

This setup was perfect!!

I love the lighting and every angle gave a different vibe because there are so many colors and details in the backdrop!

Quality through and through!

I have purchased eight backdrops and all are great quality. The film realistically. Everyone is Amazed how well the photographs come out.

2024 Spring/Summer Go To

This backdrop was a smash hit at dog show portraits - It photographs great and with additional props this is about the cutest thing ever!!

Most requested!!

Out of 5 backdrop set up for Mother’s Day Minis- this was by far a winner!

Geweldig - Great!

Geweldig decor. Heel sfeervol. Was de favoriet op mijn kerst setting!

Great decor. gives a nice Christmas atmosphere. This was the favorite on my Christmas setting

😍is amazing

A beautiful backdrop like all of yours , with a great quality

Love this drop

This is a beautiful drop nice rich colors! Just lovely and she absolutely loved it!!!!

Love Kate backdrops

No one believes it’s a back drop😅 so beautiful

Perfect !

Went from package to wall without needing an iron or steamer! Completely wrinkle free! I attached it to a cement wall with the tape offered from this website. The tape peels off the wall like a command strip! No paint damage or scratches!

Super vibrant colors

Love this backdrop photographed awesome colors were great it was perfect for my Sesame Street loving girls

Bookshelf and sunflowers 6.5x6.5

The quality of these backdrops are excellent. The sunflower backdrop is perfect for littles. The bookshelf photographs nice, however on the 6.5 there is a creepy eye hole with a person looking through it on the left side, I don't believe parents would appreciate that with their small children. Would love someone to look into that. I photoshopped it out of ALL of the pics so it was a tad time comsuming. Thanks

Thank you for the valuable feedback on our 6.5x6.5 bookshelf and sunflower backdrop designs. We're delighted to hear you find the quality of our backdrops excellent and that the sunflower design is perfect for little ones.

Regarding the bookshelf backdrop, we appreciate you bringing the issue with the creepy eye hole to our attention. Having unsettling elements like that is certainly not ideal for capturing precious childhood memories. We will escalate this to our design team right away to have that element removed from the 6.5x6.5 bookshelf backdrop artwork.

Thank you also for taking the time to photoshop it out yourself in the interim. We understand how tedious that can be and apologize for the inconvenience. Providing backdrop designs that allow for seamless, cheerful photo sessions is our top priority.

Please let us know if you have any other feedback. We're committed to continuous improvement of our products to ensure the best possible experience for our customers and their clients.

Lovely backdrops

I find the backdrops amazingly beautiful and the quality of the fabrics are good

Mothers Day Portraits NZ

The backdrop is wonderful, easy to use, not much needed for the forefront of the setup other than something to sit on and a couple of flowers at the side. All the mothers are loving the soft floral look.

I would prefer that the stitching was higher up than the top focal point of the backdrop. It is very disappointing that this is common on most backdrops.

Love it!

I simply love this backdrop. Super realistic. It's my clients favourite!


Amazing backdrop! My clients love it! Perfect for Mommy and me minis!


I am BEYOND happy with this drop ! It photographed BEAUTIFULLY ! My client ADORED this

Such a sweet backdrop!

I custom ordered this backdrop in a 5’ x 3’ size for an infant shoot. It photographed beautifully! I had the child’s name, carved out of wood, and I used a few stitches to secure it over the doorway of the tree, for an additional special touch!

Perfect Easter Backdrop

This backdrop provided the perfect set for taking Easter photos at my local playgroups and per-schools.

Another Great One!

I was a little unsure about this one before I ordered it, because I wasn't sure how I was going to use it, but I'm happy with it! It photographs very well, looks great and it's so versatile. I have already used it for another shoot that also came out great! Highly Recommended!