3 Reasons Why You Need Floor Drops

3 Reasons Why You Need Floor Drops

06 MAR, 2020 | BY DYLAN YU

Have you ever experienced when you try to take a full-length shot or just want to try some creative compositions & perspectives against a nice backdrop, but your floor appears in your image and just doesn’t match with the session? Sometimes your backdrop is just not long enough to extend onto the floor and you may think if there is another one spread on the floor.

You absolutely want to maximize the value of your selected backdrops, in order to achieve a complete scene for your studio portraits, more types of shots and compositions, or realize more poses during the sessions. Well, using floor Mats (floor drops) is a good solution!

Update your backdrops & sessions with a floor mat! In this article, you will get a whole picture of floor mats and will understand why you need them.

What is A Floor Mat

Floor Mat (Floor drop) is a flexible, high-quality solution for studio and home photo sessions. It is a good partner of the backdrop and you can use it as a backdrop, floor drop or both. Floor mats can come in materials of rubber, polyester, etc. Good materials give mats the features of durability and lifelike patterns.

Take rubber floor mats as an example. Rubber mats are sturdy, wrinkle-resistant and waterproof. They can feature thin thickness, with high-definition, lifelike patterns/images printed on it. It is convenient and comfortable to walk on and roll up, easy to carry and store. You can choose the size according to your requirements.

A floor mat can always be a good assistant, which will add extra good effects to your final works. It has been more and more frequently applied in portrait sessions. Why? Here are some reasons for you to further understand why you need floor mats.

Why You Need Floor Mats

  • Create an Entire Scene

Floor mats offer an opportunity to set a complete scene for your studio portraits. Sometimes there is necessary that you need your backdrops extended onto the floor, while your backdrop is just not long enough. With a full set-up (Backdrop+Floor mats), you will achieve an entire scene in your different types of shots from various perspectives. You won’t be limited to just close-up, headshots or waist shots, while your model will have more space to pose like sitting or lying on the floor. It can also create leave enough for possible ornaments or equipment.

With a floor mat cooperating with your backdrop, the background of your session transits from wall to floor, diminishing any background distractions or unmatched elements from your works. Also, floor mats play essential roles when shooting newborns, kids, pets and product images. 

  • Free Match

Sometimes you just need floor mats that share the same patterns or designs to match with your backdrop. Or sometimes you hope to combine a mixed background to achieve two or more styles in one shot. With different floor mat designs, free mix and match are never difficult tasks.

From retro wood patterns, colored texture to other wonderful designs, so many different floor mats will enrich your sessions and improve your photos.

  • More Inspirations

The combination of floor mats and backdrops usually means more types and perspectives of shots. For example, when taking a high-angle shot, the floor mat becomes your background. With the assistant of floor mats, there will be fewer limitations so that you can try more compositions, poses, and even creative mix & match of backdrops and floor mats according to your own style. You will come up with more ideas and inspirations during the sessions!

Create your own set-ups with backdrops & floor mats!


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