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6 Best Color Palettes and 7 Creative Ideas for Family Beach Pictures

family foots photo by Sunny studio on shutterstock

When it comes to family beach pictures, you want to make sure that your photos look great. To do that, you need to use a good color palette. This article will help you find the best color palette for family beach pictures.

We will also give you some creative ideas for using this color palette. So, be sure to read on.

6 Best Color Palettes to Wear for Beach Pictures

1. All White

Many people like to go for an all white look when it comes to beach pictures. It is simple, clean, and timeless. This can help you to stand out against the backdrop of the ocean and the sand.

family holding hands standing on beach in all white

Photo by TravnikovStudio on shutterstock

You can choose to have the ladies wear white dresses, and the men white linen shirts and shorts. Alternatively, the whole family can opt for matching white linen shirts and shorts. You won't have to worry about the slight differences in your family’s complexion since all white goes well with any skin tone.

However, please note that white fabrics can be revealing at times. If the material you're wearing is too light or revealing, wear something underneath to ensure you're comfortable.

2. Baby Blue + White

Baby blue and white is a great color combination for beach pictures. The colors are soft and calming, making them perfect for a relaxed beach setting.

family looking at ipad on beach in white and blue

 Photo by Ground Picture on shutterstock

To style your family in this color palette, have the whole family wear baby blue shirts; the ladies can pair this with white pants and the men with white shorts for a casual and charming look.

You can also decide to have one gender in white and the other in baby blue. For example, have the ladies wear baby blue sundresses and the men white linen shirts and shorts. This can create a captivating contrast.

3. Turquoise + White

Turquoise and white are a refreshing and modern color palette for beach pictures. Turquoise is an alluring color, and white is a great way to tone it down.

family walking on beach and holding yellow floating cushion

Photo by TravnikovStudio on shutterstock

Turquoise looks best when worn as a top garment rather than a full outfit. So with this in mind, the ladies can wear white shorts or skirts with a turquoise top, while the men can wear white shorts and a turquoise shirt.

To make the look stand out, even more, add a few accessories, such as a white hat and sunglasses.

4. Pink + White + Blue

mum and dad carrying their daughters on back on beach

Photo by TravnikovStudio on shutterstock

This is a great option for a light and airy palette. Have the ladies wear light pink dresses, and the men light blue shirts and white shorts. Alternatively, you can have different couples or groups in different combinations of the colors. This will create a pleasant and playful atmosphere.

5. Lemon Yellow + White + Blue

family walking on beach by holding hands

Photo by TravnikovStudio on shutterstock

Looking for a color palette that is both fresh and timeless? Then, consider lemon yellow, white, and blue. This color combination is perfect for beach pictures because it evokes the feeling of a sunny day by the sea.

The ladies can wear lemon yellow dresses or sarong with a white scarf, and the men can wear white shirts and blue or lemon yellow shorts.

6. Mandarin Orange + White

mum carrying her little girl on back

Photo by TravnikovStudio on shutterstock

This color palette is perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd. It can help create a fun and energetic look and is perfect for beach pictures. The family can wear matching mandarin orange t-shirts with white shorts and skirts. Alternatively, the ladies can wear mandarin orange dresses with white slippers or hats.

Creative Family Beach Picture Ideas

1. Run Wild in the Sand

The beach is all about letting loose and having fun. Take advantage of that and have your family run wild in the sand. Have them play tag or run in the waves. This is a great way to capture laughs and sweet family moments in the sand.

family running on beach

Photo by TravnikovStudio on shutterstock

However, be cautious about getting too wet, especially if you don't have swimsuits on. The sand is soft, but the water can be tricky.

If your family gets too wet, it will ruin their clothes and shoes. Plus, the sand will get all over everything. So, be sure to have some spare clothes and towels on hand.

2. Capture a Sunset Over the Ocean

The golden hour of the day is the perfect time to take family beach pictures. What better way to capture a beautiful sunset than sitting on the beach with your family?

family holding hands and walking on beach in sunset

Photo by on shutterstock

To get the perfect sunset photo, you'll want to find a spot with a good ocean view. Then, set up your tripod and wait for the sun to dip behind the horizon. Once the sun has gone down, take some amazing sunset photos.

Be sure to tell your kids not to stare at the sun, as it will make their eyes burn. Instead, look out at the beautiful sky and sea or turn your back to the sun.

3. Have a Family Game at the Beach

Playing games together is a great way to spend a summer day. If you're looking for a fun family beach picture idea, try playing a game together. You can choose from a variety of games, such as beach volleyball, frisbee, or tag.

family playing football on beach

Photo by DGLimages on shutterstock

Be sure to make plenty of sand mounds for the game to take place on, and have some fun props available, such as a beach umbrella for shade and a beach ball for fun.

4.  Stare at the Beach Horizon

When you stare at the beach, you can focus on the horizon and take in the ocean's vastness. This can be a great backdrop for family beach pictures and the horizon can be a great focal point for your photos.

family sitting on beach and looking far

Photo by ArturoDeveli on shutterstock

Try to shoot your photos from a low angle to add to the drama of the horizon. Alternatively, you could focus on the waves crashing against the shore.

5. Be Creative With the Sand

foots photo on beach

Photo by Sunny studio on shutterstock

Beach sand is the ultimate canvas for creativity. So let your family's imagination run wild and use the sand to create works of art. Write love messages in the sand, make sand castles or sculptures, or draw pictures with your fingers.

The possibilities are endless, and the results will be unique and beautiful family beach pictures you'll cherish forever.

6. Capture Water Reflections

dad playing sand with his boy and girl on beach

Photo by BlueOrange Studio on shutterstock

Water reflections are a beautiful and unique way to capture your family on the beach. To get the best results, wait for a calm day when the water is still. Then, have your family stand near the water's edge and take the photo from a low angle.

The reflection of the sky and the beach in the water will create a stunning effect.

7. Have a Beach Picnic

Food always helps bring the family together. So next time you're at the beach, why not have a picnic? Spread out a blanket and enjoy the sun and the sand. And of course, remember the food.

family eating watermelon on beach

Photo by Ground Picture on shutterstock

Pack some sandwiches, snacks, and drinks for the perfect beach picnic. You're sure to capture some great family memories when everyone's digging down into a delicious meal. However, remember the beach is a shared space. So be sure to clean up after yourselves when you're done.


There you have it. These are six of the best color palettes to wear for beach pictures. Be sure to mix and match different shades to create a unique look. And remember to get creative with your poses and ideas.

These tips, paired with your creativity, will help you capture beautiful family beach photos that you will treasure for years.

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