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29 Family Photo Ideas that Will Make Your 2024 Shoot a Success

families running with arms wide open Photo by Evgeny Atamanenko on shutterstock

You've come to the right place if you're looking for the best family poses. We've got you covered with some of the best family poses coming in handy for different family numbers, and shooting styles. They are simple to create, and some are great for beginner photographers. 

That said, read through to get 29 creative family photo ideas. Let's get started. 

Outdoor Poses 

Family time outside is a great period to get some of the best shots. Check below to learn poses and photo ideas during family outdoor activities: 

1. Take a Stroll in the Woods

parents and kids taking a walk in the forest

Photo by Monkey Business Images on Shutterstock

A walk in the woods is a great way to start. It is a simple but effective outdoor family photo idea and an excellent way to get fresh air and get everyone moving. Plus, it provides a natural setting for your family photos.

You can instruct the family to walk in a single line or have everyone walk close together toward the camera. Additionally, try mixing them up and have everyone walking in different directions. This will create an interesting and dynamic family photo.

2. Go for Picnic

family taking photo when having picnic on the grassland

Photo by Pixel-Shot on Shutterstock 

A picnic is another memorable family photo theme, especially in the park during summer. One excellent example is setting up a picnic blanket and having everyone sit down together. 

Capture some shots as they enjoy the meals and stories. This is a great way to capture relaxed and happy summer family pictures. 

3. Snow Photoshoot

family throwing snowballs outside the forest

Photo by Krisztina Papp on Unsplash

The winter can offer great space for photoshoots.  You can use the setting for beautiful family Christmas card photos or general holiday season photos. Additionally, try involving aspects like snowmen, especially the crafting moment. Also, try capturing the family walking in the snow. 

4.  Beach Family Session

mom, dad and daughter  standing in the beach water

Photo by Natalya Zaritskaya on Unsplash

If you're lucky enough to live near the beach, take advantage of it and have your family photo session there. It is a beautiful and natural background that can offer multiple photo results. This includes a great sunset family image. Also, try capturing the family playing in the sand or the water. 

5. Bicycle Riding

mum and dad riding bike with their son and daughter on the forest road

Photo by Monkey Business Images on Shutterstock 

Bicycle riding also offers a great enjoyment time for your family who enjoys riding bikes together. It is excellent during sunny days in the parks out of town regions.  

To get quality photos, have the family ride their bikes in a line, and capture them from the side. You'll be able to achieve a symmetrical look. 

6. Silhouettes

silhouettes of parents and kids standing at sunset

 Photo by Shelby Bauman on Unsplash

Silhouettes are unique shots which you can test your camera setting skills with. You can frame the photo results, and get one photo for the ages. 

The beauty of silhouettes is how they can create suspense, especially with the inevitable growth of kids. Therefore, it is one excellent way to store memories.

7. In the Car Photos

families in the car

Photo by Ground Picture on Shutterstock

Try shooting in the car if you want a unique family picture idea. This is a great way to capture everyone in the photo, even if you have a large family.

Standing outside the car, preferably on the driver's side will get you excellent shots. Additionally, the photo will get a fun and quirky look. 

Poses in Different House Rooms

8. Simple Pose on Bed

a little girl taking photo for her parents and the baby

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

This is great if you want to add playfulness and creativity to your family holiday photos. Have everyone pile on each other on the bed and make sure to capture some silly moments. You can even have the kids jump on the bed for an extra-fun holiday card photo. 

9. Kitchen Pose

parents and thier boy taking photo of preparing food in the kitchen

Photo by Dragon Images on shutterstock

The kitchen has various photo idea options for the family. You can try capturing the family preparing a meal, or get dad and kids preparing the dining table. An alternative is capturing the mum feeding a baby while still preparing groceries.

10.  Dancing In the Living Room

parents and kids dancing in the living room

Photo by Fizkes on Shutterstock

Dancing is a great way to show off your family's personality. The family living room is a perfect ground, helping display the group's playfulness. Turn on some music, have the family dance together, and capture the family amid their dance.  

11. Sitting Together

yong parents taking photo with their little girl by sitting relax on the couch

Photo by New Africa on Shutterstock

Having the family sit together on a couch can get you a relaxed photo. It can be a great wall photo, probably a yearly release for most families. Placement is key; you can have them sit on the parent's lap. 

12. Play a Game

a photo of one family playing games

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash 

A family game activity is another fun photo idea.  This includes board games, a game of catch, or one that engages the kids. The photo results show the family's personality and help create unforgettable memories. Generally, this is a great way to show a family's interests and hobbies in a photo.

Around the House Photos

These are ideas you can use while around the house, preferably outside.  

13. Utilize the Stairs

family members taking photo by sitting at stairs

Photo by Monkey Business Images on shutterstock

The stairs make an excellent backdrop for family photos. You can get to distinguish the ages, or sizes of each member using the stairs.  

Also, try a mixture of people sitting on the stairs, standing, or walking up and down the stairs. Alternatively, have everyone strike a different pose.

14. Door Photo for Extended Family

big extended family picture

Photo by Rajiv Perera on Unsplash 

If you have a large family, mix up the people in the photo in front of the house's door. Try mixing up everyone, or have parents be near respective kids while the older subjects can be seated in front or seated in the middle of the group.  

15. Matching Outfits In Front of the Door 

family taking photo with matching outfit

Photo by Hoi An Photographer on Unsplash 

A family of three to five can easily match outfits for the best photo idea. Additionally, the idea has endless possibilities when coordinating the outfit types.

For instance, dress everyone in church official attire to show group activity and wholesomeness. White/black shirts and jeans are examples of casual family outfits. Also, multiple color schemes are available. Just ensure everyone's outfit coordinates with the others. 

16. On the Porch

friends talking happily at balcony

Photo by Branislav Nenin on Shutterstock 

If you're looking for something creative, taking some shots on the porch is your answer. The house area is a relaxed and comfortable setting that's perfect for chilled photos, preferably among older individuals. However, you can use a swing for the kids’ and parent's pictures. 

17. Backyard with Pet

the whole family bathing the dog in the yard

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Including a pet if available in the family results in cute and loving photos. A great idea is having everyone sit or stand in a line and then put the pet in front of them. 

Creative Family Poses

There are also out-of-the-box family poses. Here are some of the best selections: 

18. Capture Some Details

family members putting their hands together

Photo by Feri Sh on Unsplash

You don't have to capture the group's faves, you can gather crucial details. This includes close-ups of the child's shoes, the family's hands out together, or a shot of the family dog. These small details will help tell the story of your loved ones and will be cherished memories in the future. 

19. Shoot in Black and White

white and black family photo with baby and pet

Photo by Boston Public Library on Unsplash 

Black and white photos have a classic and timeless look. They are perfect for artistic family photos, normally displayed via coordinating outfits. Generally, you can achieve the idea through black, white, and gray. 

20. Tallest to Shortest During a Sunset

family looking into far away in the golden sunset

Photo by Luemen Rutkowski on Unsplash 

You can use the idea if there are kids of different ages. Placing the parents strategically creates an interesting and dynamic photo. An excellent tip is capturing the shit firing a sunset. This will give the photo a unique perspective and make your children appear in a line. 

21. Shoot in Profile

photo of female family member looking aside

Photo by fizkes on shutterstock

Profile shots are another way to get close-up family photos. Factors like the direction of gaze or color of top wear can enrich the meaning of your photo. Another example is having the whole family face one member like the youngest child. Alternatively, have everyone stand in a line and turn their heads to the side. This will give the photo a nice, symmetrical look. 

22. Show Some Humor

parents and kid wearing funny glasses

Photo by Sunny studio on Shutterstock 

Family photography should embrace all happiness forms. Therefore, poses displaying humor is a great way to bring the family together and get an extra laugh out of sad moments. For instance, instruct the parents to stick their tongues out. This amazes the kids, providing a great photo moment. The more fun involved, the better the photos will be. 

Simple Family Poses 

Are you just looking for simple family pose ideas? Below are some of the simplest ideas you can try in your next shoot:  

23. Family Holding Hands

parents and kid walking outside by holding hands

Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash

Undoubtedly, holding hands is a simple form of showing togetherness in a family. Capturing the shot helps provide a uniting family treasure. You could have everyone hold hands in a line or have everyone stand in a circle and hold hands. A simple but creative example is instructing the family to hold hands as they walk toward the camera. 

24. Jumping In the Fields or Wild

family members jumping high on the desert

Photo by Juan Cruz Mountford on Unsplash

Jumping photos are always fun. And they're a great way to capture the family candidly and naturally. To get a good jumping photo, have the family stand in a line and then you can count down from three. On three, everyone should jump as high as they can. This will create a fun and dynamic photo. 

25. Family Hugging Time

mom and dad hugging their baby together

Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash

There's no better way to show family love than a hug. Have the family stand in a circle and hug each other for a good photo result. Remember the hug depends on the number of family members. For instance, a hug moment can be a picture if it involves both parents with a newborn baby. 

26. Family Reading Time

mum and dad reading book with their little girl

Photo by Prostock-studio on shutterstock 

A family that enjoys reading books together offers a great photo moment. For instance, let the parents read a book to the kids or have each person read a preferred book. It can be excellent if executed during holidays like the Christmas tree. 

27. Sharing a Kiss

mum and dad kissing their kid on cheeks

Photo by bbernard on shutterstock

Family photos are a great way to capture the family's love for each other. And there's no better way to show this love than with a photo of the family sharing a kiss. You can have the parents share a kiss as they are standing or have the parents kiss their kids on the cheek. The factor displays the family's love and affection for each other. 

28. Dinner Photo

extended family eating dinner together

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

You can capture a casual family moment through dinner. For authenticity, ensure to capture the photo during an actual dinner. You can shoot from the side to get different POVs. 

29. Free Running Activity

parents and kids running on the grassland with wide arm

Photo by Evgeny Atamanenko on shutterstock 

Lastly, you can capture the family running together or have the family run toward the camera. This is a great way to show the family's playful side. Capturing the photo from the side helps effectively include everyone in the shot. 


Various family poses help you get the best shots, and the article highlights the best ones. There's an answer for every genre, context, and purpose. You can choose a preferred type but remember to include creativity and basic photo knowledge to get exquisite family life.  

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