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Kate Backdrop 12 Packs Background Backdrop Clips Clamps Holder

Kate Backdrop 12 Packs Background Backdrop Clips Clamps Holder

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Quantity: 12 packs
Made of metal clips, elastic lines, lock release labels, and magic buckle sections.

How to use:
1. Simply take them to the side background frame, clip the background on both sides, and then press the button or pull the rope to make the background close.
2 These background clips can accommodate the background of the muslin top that is close to the ground.
3 Also, accommodate a background that is tight and peaceful when there is a fan.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Los clips bien el servicio pesimo

Les doy una estrella porq no hay opción a darle CERO. La entrega fue al mes osea una burla

Brenda Janvier

I’ve ordered these clips before and it was great as it was made to fit bigger post so when I ordered this last one it was a disappointment because it was just short Velcro strips and didn’t fit my post.

Randall Brodeur
These are great!

I highly recommend these clips! If you have any issues with wrinkles these can help. They are adjustable and can give that little extra “pull” on the sides of the fabric to smooth things out. I have three sets for when I have multiple set ups in a shoot.

Shelley Court
Backdrop Clips

Velcro and work wonderfully!

The best!

This is a game changer. Easy to set up, easy to break down, easy to store and take anywhere. Perfect for portrait photography. I love the results and can't wait to purchase more of these.