camera hard case
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How to Custom Your Camera Hard Case: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Whether you're a professional photographer or a passionate amateur, you want to keep your camera gear safe when you're on the go. A hard case is the best way to protect your investment during trave...
glamour shot with Kate Like Oil Painting Background Abstract Texture Backdrops For Photography
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Glamour Photography: How to Take Stunning Glamour Shots

Photography is a really important way to save memories like graduation, birthdays, weddings, and more. It is also a way to make people feel beautiful and appreciate themselves more. Different types...
woman's headshot with Kate Abstract texture beige a little green color Maternity/family photo Backdrop
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How to Choose Professional Headshot Background: 15 Best Ideas

Taking a headshot is always very important, even though most people tend to be more concerned with how they look.  To make your headshot more attractive or professional, you must choose a good back...
woman dark portrait with Kate Fine Art Abstract Backdrop Dark Brown Designed by Kate Image
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How to Take Dark Photos: Pre-to-Post Portrait Guidance

The best way to make your image dramatic is by taking the shot using dark photography. It is a type of photography mostly preferred for producing dark photos with interesting looks that attract man...