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25 Indoor Christmas Photoshoot Ideas for Your 2024 Christmas

family snuggling with their dog photo by 4 PM production on shutterstock

With a gorgeous Christmas photoshoot, you can make this Christmas especially special. Consider making a picture shoot for your favourite holiday indoors as a treat for yourself and your loved ones. Have a completely different motivation for getting your photos shot this holiday season, which will reflect in your indoor christmas photo.

Dive in to get 25 excellent indoor Christmas photoshoot ideas to try out this festive season.

1.  Christmas Party  

people chatting on Christmas party indoor

Photo by Roman Samborskyi on shutterstock

Christmas photo ideas don't always revolve around taking pictures of the family. Sometimes you can spend the festival season with friends and still get great indoor shots. Throwing a party with friends wearing Christmas-themed costumes and decorations is a good way to get amazing images. With a simple party, you can incorporate the Christmas theme easily and have fun with this idea.

2.  Involve Your Pets 

family playing with their puppy under Christmas tree

Photo by StockLite on shutterstock 

Having your loyal pet beside you for Christmas photos helps create memories with your furry friend. You can even take photos of your pet alone in a Christmas-decorated backdrop or beside your kids. You can include props for pets to make the shots more vibrant. You need to have treats and be patient with your pet since they can hardly stay still.

3.  Christmas Film Shot 

family member are watching film slot on Christams decorated room

Photo by Evgeny Atamanenko on shutterstock 

Watching all the Christmas movies in one sitting is among the best parts of the holiday season. When it comes to indoor Christmas shoots adding Christmas films in the backdrop is ideal. To display your preferred movie on the huge screen, freeze the scene you want from it or use Photoshop. You can add throw pillows in the shot to give the photo a home feel and make the photo vibrant.

4.  Unwrapping Gifts 

friends unwrapping gifts beside Christmas tree

Photo by bbernard on shutterstock

Capturing your kids or partner unwrapping Christmas gifts is a great way to capture the reactions when they see what's inside. Therefore,  plan your family photo shoots to coincide with Christmas morning to capture their beautiful responses.

5.  Wearing Santa Hats  

extended family taking photo in front of the Christmas tree

Photo by Roman Samborskyi on shutterstock 

This is a fantastic illustration of how to pull an outfit together with just one item. A Santa hat will automatically give you a festive appearance, and splashes of vivid red will catch your attention. An ideal blending of formal and informal attire would work perfectly for the outfit.

6.  Add Decorations to Christmas Tree

little girl putting the high star on the Christmas tree on her father's shoulder

Photo by Jacob Lund on shutterstock 

The family decorating the tree makes for one of the most treasured shots from a Christmas photo indoors. You don't have to arrange the family. Therefore it's a terrific idea for a photo shoot since you get candid shots. Begin shooting as they naturally interact. They'll undoubtedly have a fantastic time, and you'll get lots of excellent pictures.

7.  Dressing-up in Pajamas  

kids playing lighting with parents in pajamas

Photo by Evgeny Atamanenko on shutterstock 

It's not surprising that every family participates in at least one Christmas pajama photoshoot because the pajamas we wear throughout the winter are cozy, soft, help us keep warm, and frequently look adorable. Since everyone is already in their pajamas on Christmas morning and is giggling excessively because they can't wait to see what's under the tree, it is the ideal time to capture these pictures.

8.  Try A Vintage Look  

little girl wearing vintage dress beside a lighted Christmas tree

Kate Christmas Backdrop Window Vintage Wood Tree for Photography

Do a vintage-inspired costume for the holiday photo shoot to ensure that your pictures pop. Be sure to consider vintage accessories to go with the attire. Vintage Christmas ornaments, rocking horses, old candlesticks, and embroidered pillows are a few examples.

9.  Include Christmas Dishes

two guys decorating gingerbread in hand

Photo by Flotsam on shutterstock 

Nothing quite captures the spirit of the holidays like some classic homemade meals. Therefore, you can use or highlight food in some lovely Christmas images. You can take pictures of the family seated around the festively decorated table. Still-life photography is an additional idea for a festive picture shoot with food. You can find many original ideas for beautiful images with a holiday vibe.

10.  Christmas Socks 

photo of family wearing Christmas socks on bed

Photo by LightField Studios on shutterstock 

Taking pictures of your legs while you're nestled up with your spouse next to the fireplace or Christmas tree is a lovely idea for indoor images. To effectively express the festive ambiance, make sure to wear festive-themed socks. You can do this infront of the fireplace with Christmas socks hanging around.

11.  Use Christmas Light Props

family taking photo by holding '2023' lighting signs with Christmas tree

Photo by Impact Photography on shutterstock 

We take so many photos we forget the specific year it was shot. Therefore you can include light props with a Christmas vibe. A photo session with you holding lighted numbers of the year you are in is one method to celebrate ChristmasChristmas and prevent ambiguity over when the photos were taken. This idea is simple to bring to life since many light props are available; thus, you do not have to make them yourself.

12.  Bokeh Shots 

little girl sitting on floor with bokeh lights background

Kate Christmas Bokeh Hot Cocoa Backdrop for Photography

Christmas is the ideal time for bokeh photos because of all the brilliant and colorful lights. It works well for portraits because it reduces distractions and forces viewers to focus exclusively on the subject.

13.  Blowing Confetti  

girl blowing confetti on bed

Photo by Ground Picture on shutterstock 

Confetti conjures up images of small pieces of colored and sparkling material that make the image pop. Confetti is similar to fairy dust for youngsters, so even if they see it 100 times, they'll still sense that something exciting and enjoyable will happen. Therefore you will get precious moments with or of your kids blowing confetti.

14.  Use A Crystal Ball  

lighting Christmas tree in crystal ball

Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash 

Taking a picture of the tree or the family through a crystal ball is one of the greatest ideas for holiday photos. Consider taking a photo of the presents, a Santa ornament, or perhaps a holiday portrait of the entire family.

15.  Dress up in Cream-colored Outfits  

girl putting ornaments on Christmas tree by kneeing on the floor

Photo by Victoria Chudinova on shutterstock 

Another effective combination would be soft beige, warm brown tones, or exquisite ivory. This color scheme makes sweaters an attractive alternative for a couple of Christmas photo attires. Include several textures to keep the photographs from looking flat. Your Christmas pictures will look amazing if you include some adorable couple poses.

16.  Bedtime Stories Shots

two girls reading book on Christmas decorated bed

Kate Christmas Tree Winter Backdrop Bedside Designed by Emetselch

This is among the most adorable sibling Christmas photo ideas. While the little ones are sound asleep, the older child reads a goodnight story. The kids can be pictured together reading bedtime stories. Include the books the kids love the most to make the photo even more memorable for them.

17.  Indoor Photo Booth  

friends taking photo by holding selfie props

Photo by Monkey Business Images on shutterstock 

Any modern gathering would only be complete with a photo booth. For your Christmas event, select one of the fun photo booth ideas, buy some props, and get ready for some silly photos.

18.  Family Baking Together

boy and girl baking together in the kitchen

Kate Christmas Kitchen Backdrop White Wall for Photography

Get the family into the kitchen to prepare the dough using unique wood implements while wearing christmas party caps and matching personalized aprons. Nothing is more adorable than genuine photos of children mixing ingredients and flour on their noses.

19.  Christmas Mugs

red mug with 'Merry Christmas' sign

Photo by Viktoria Gavrilina on shutterstock 

A mug of your preferred hot drink is the epitome of ChristmasChristmas. A gorgeous personalized mug is an ideal way to keep your hands warm. Christmas photos look great with personalized mugs as backdrops. Fill them with hot chocolate and whipped cream for a fun holiday snapshot.

20.  Snuggle Time with Family

family taking photo with their dog by snuggling together in front of lighting Chritmas tree

Photo by 4 PM production on shutterstock 

Never mind getting that ideal shot of everyone seated still. As you have fun throughout your photo session, showcase your family's inherent enthusiasm. Even better would be to cuddle up while covered in a soft wool blanket.

21.  Bring the Snow Inside

girl sitting beside a snowy window decorated with Christmas bells banner

Kate Christmas Tree Winter White Window Backdrop Designed by Chain Photography

The finest toddler Christmas photo ideas involve organizing a photo session with snow. You can get a snow machine or buy snow accessories to give the Christmas feel. Kids normally become excited by the snow, so the pictures are sure to be cute and enjoyable. Use kid-friendly photography positions and let the child play with some seasonal accessories.

22.  Holding Champagne Glass 

well-dressed female touching Chritmas decorations by holding a glass of champagne

Photo by SOK Studio on shutterstock 

Having champagne is an ideal way to celebrate holidays as a couple or with friends. Therefore you can hold champagne glasses in front of the Christmas decor or tree. You can capture photos making cheers and enjoying spending the festivities together.

23.  Kissing under the Mistletoe  

couple kissing under a hand-held mistletoe branch

Photo by New Africa on shutterstock 

Traditional Christmas photo ideas for couples include sneaking a kiss under the mistletoe or by the Christmas tree. If you have a child, you can carry them on your shoulders as they hold the mistletoe.

24.  A Letter to Santa

photo of letter to Santa on desk with Santa hat and cup of tea

Photo by Ground Picture on shutterstock 

Days with low temperatures are ideal for exercising your interior photography skills. By utilizing your current holiday décor, you'll not only be warm but also have a ton of alternatives for interesting backdrops. You can include a shot of the kids or yourself writing your ChristmasChristmas wishes to Santa. It is a simple idea that you can easily execute, and they make fun photos.

25.  Formal Outfit Looks 

a delicated dressed female beside Chritmas tree

Photo by Elizaveta Starkova on shutterstock 

A photoshoot is a great justification for dressing up. Also, classic costume suggestions for formal family Christmas photos will make you appear gorgeous. Everyone will look beautiful in elegant dresses and button-down shirts with ties, and the photos will make a statement.


Indoor Christmas photoshoot ideas are more intimate, and you can use what is available at home. There are different ideas for kids, couples, and also friends. Thus, you are spoilt with choices depending on who you spend Christmas with. You only need props, pillows, costumes, and home items to get perfect indoor shots. I hope you enjoy trying out this idea to get candid and memorable images.

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