7 Techniques to Create Forms in Photography

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It is essential to understand form photography as a way to make your photography have life. Using the form in your photography will help you improve the quality of photos you take. You may be asking yourself what form is when it comes to photography. To answer such a question as to defining the meaning of form in photography may take a few words with greater meaning you will only come to understand when you practice it. Therefore, form is an essential element in making your art stand out in its final look as a design method.

It effectively creates lines in 2D and 3D and applies different aspects such as the angle, colors, light, and depths. These aspects are used to create 3D effects that make photos look sharper and more vibrant. Without applying the 3D effects, your photography will have no life as the photos you take will look dull and flat and will not attract many people. Because everyone desires sharp and vibrant pictures, your aim as a form photographer is to ensure the photos resemble the actual object in their looks when photographing.

This article focuses on some of the techniques you can follow when creating forms in your photography to make your photos' quality and appearance more impressive.

1. Soften the Light to Add Visual Clues  

woman's photo with Kate 5x7ft Abstract Texture Atlantic Blue Hand Painted Backdrop

Kate 5x7ft Abstract Texture Atlantic Blue Hand Painted Backdrop

To create a perfect form in your photography, you will have to soften the light. The soft light will give the image more visual clues, which will help you identify your object. These soft lights are always formed naturally when the clouds block sunlight, making your shadow have a fuzzy look on its edges. The soft lights make the transition between the dark and light gradual, making it the best type of flight to use in form photography. However, you should also not over soften the light, making the image look flat.

2. Use Sidelight to Create Shadows

girl's photo with Kate Dark Black Abstract Backdrop for Photography

Kate Dark Black Abstract Backdrop for Photography

You can use sidelight to experiment with your shots to get better results. The side light will create depth and emphasize more on the textures and shape of the subject. This light is suitable for use, especially when you want to convey more emotions in the image. Because of this, it is always considered the perfect way to add some drama to a photo. Furthermore, this light is also suitable for use in images you want to turn into black and white. However, when using this light, you will have to take control of your light to produce effective shots. In addition, avoid shooting in places with few light sources.

3. Take Advantage of Golden Hour  

young woman's photo in golden hour

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Golden hour photographing is usually suitable for creating a form in photography, especially when using natural sunlight. The golden hours always have soft and low lights ideal for creating soft shadows. Such shadows will perfectly wrap around the object's contour, accentuating the form. However, you have to make your subject turn for the sun to be on its side for you to use the lights, as this type of light has low angles.

4. Create Depth to Stand out the Subject  

girl's photo with Kate Springtime Orchard in Yellow Backdrop for Photography Designed by Lisa Granden

Kate Springtime Orchard in Yellow Backdrop for Photography Designed by Lisa Granden

Creating Depth to stand out the subject is also crucial to consider when creating a form in photography. If you don't create the Depth for your image, all the details will be well lit and sharp; therefore, the image will look flat like paint. You can use a larger aperture, making your photos have some sense of separation in their appearance. In addition, Depth is also essential in making the subject have a more stand out. This makes your photos look more vibrant and sharper, which is always a desire of everyone when it comes to liking photos.

5. Find Geometric Forms in the Photo  

kid's photo with Kate Christmas Pine Tree Farm Path Backdrop for Photography

Kate Christmas Pine Tree Farm Path Backdrop for Photography

This involves finding the geometric lines, patterns, and shapes that will help you when creating a form in the photo. The geometric forms ensure that your photo has the best outlook when applying the 3D effects and significantly when shaping the photo. In addition, finding a geometric form will help you choose the angle of view of your photos during their design.

6. Choose Proper Angles  

woman's photo with Kate Solid White Cloth Backdrop Portrait Photography

Kate Solid White Cloth Backdrop Portrait Photography

Choosing the right angle when creating a form for the photograph will make your photo have life. However, this will involve a series of experiments for you to finally come up with the best angle to take the picture. For this reason, you will have to look at the object from different angles to arrive at a unique point of view that will make you take the best shot.

7. Turn the Photo into B&W  

woman's photo with Kate 5x7ft Abstract Texture Cold Black Spray Painted Backdrop

Kate 5x7ft Abstract Texture Cold Black Spray Painted Backdrop

Many photographers turn their shots into black and white when the photos are not eye-catching as they expected. Therefore, when you are too not pleased with the outlook of your pictures, you can turn them to black and white colors. This will emphasize the shadows and highlights of your photos. In addition, it can also help you add some emotion and depth to your image. Because of this, it is not good to delete your shots, so first, as it can be a better option, you can apply to transform your photos to become much better.


Creating a form in a photo makes photography have life. It is the best way to make your photography have value and be productive. For this reason, you need to consider applying form aspects such as depths, the right light, and angles when creating a form in your photography.

On the other hand, when you carefully follow the techniques described in this article, you will be able to create a form ideally in your photography. Therefore, you will not have to hire an expert photographer to assist you anymore as the techniques provide you will all the information you need during the exercise.

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