photo of vintage camera by Bhargava Nidamarthy on Unsplash

2024 Buying Guide to Vintage Digital Camera: Top 12 High-Performing Digital Cameras to Get

Vintage photography has made a comeback in style, at least according to the who’s who all over social media. Well, this was bound to happen sooner than later; that old-school photography feel defin...
a light meter Photo by Lawrence Aritao on Unsplash

Buyer's Guide to Light Meter: Why You Need | How to Choose | 10 Recommendations

When it comes to photography, one of the essential pieces of equipment you must have is a light meter. A light meter is a device that measures the intensity of light to show the photographer the ri...
woman takes Canon Rebel Camera Photo by Jeremiah Lawrence on unsplash

Buyer's Guide of Canon Rebel Camera & the Best Ones

Capture moments with precision and style using the Canon Rebel Camera. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic beginner, this comprehensive buyer's guide will guide you through th...
man takes hasselblad camera in hands Photo by Joe Ridley Beth Martin on unsplash

Buyer's Guide: Best Hasselblad Camera and Lens in 2024

Hasselblad gadgets are among the highly recognized brands of cameras and lenses in professional photography. This luxury brand comes out on top for its impressive cameras and lenses which deliver c...
woman takes photos with binoculars camera Photo by Chase Clark on unsplash

Buyer Guide to Binoculars with Camera | 12 Best Ones

Binoculars have been around for a very long time and have now been developed into a new digital gadget. With the digital camera incorporated, they can be used for taking pictures and video footage....
a man holding a gimbal and recording Photo by Sven Kucinic on Unsplash

Buyer's Guide to Gimbal: How to Choose | Which to Pick?

Various practices help in achieving stabilized and generally great quality photos or video. A gimbal is a perfect tool that can offer you the best stabilization, whether using a phone or a DSLR to ...
cat with camera Photo by WildlifeWorld on shutterstock

8 Best Cat Collar Cameras for Firsthand Look at Cats' Adventures

Do you have a cat and want to be part of its adventures while not around? Various cat collar cameras can help you watch what your pet does all day and get insights on certain incidents. For instanc...
scattered printed photo on white blanket Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

Lustre vs Glossy: Which One is Better? | Top 5 Recommendations

If you plan to print your photographs, you will come across many photo papers to select from. And whether or not you are a professional photographer, you may experience some challenges when selecti...
camera on sling bag Photo by Dane Deaner on unsplash

Buying Guide: Best Camera Sling Bag in 2024

Camera sling bags are excellent for traveling since they are very comfy. They have well-arranged compartments of varying sizes to carry your gear and personal items. Furthermore, these bags provide...
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action camera photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash
The Best Gear

2023 Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Action Camera Flashlight

Are you looking for an action camera flashlight? If so, this buying guide is for you. We'll discuss what to look for when choosing an action camera flashlight and provide some recommendations. So, ...
What are The Best Lenses for Studio Photography?
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What are The Best Lenses for Studio Photography?

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction For Portraits: Prime Lens vs. Zoom Lens Recommended Canon Portrait Lens Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 II USM Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM Canon EF 85m...
Movo CCD Clean Kit Pro
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2024 Best Camera Lens Cleaning Kits for Professional Photographers

Dirty camera lenses can ruin your perfect shot. That's why owning a camera lens cleaning kit is crucial. But, using the wrong cleaning method or cloth can damage your lens. To avoid this, use only ...
camera with hand grip
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15 Best Hand Grip Camera Straps in 2022

A good grip camera strap can make a world of difference for any photographer when it comes to comfort and stability while shooting. With that being said, here are 15 of the best hand grip camera st...
dance photoshoot with Kate Gray Vintage Wall Door Backdrop
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2023 Guide & Reviews: 10 Best Cameras for Dance Photoshoots

Dance is a beautiful and powerful form of expression. Capturing these fleeting moments requires a good camera that can handle fast movements and low light conditions. Based on our findings, here ar...
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a wide angle lens camera in a scenery background
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Top 5 Wide Angle Non-Fisheye Lens in 2022

In a world where we are constantly capturing moments, the demand for high-quality lenses is at an all-time high. Fisheye lens has also attracted most photographer's attention. However, a wide-angle...