How to Choose iPhone Camera Lens: Choose Guide | 12 Recommendations

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It is important to note that in the iPhone, the primary lens employed is a wide lens. This one can take multiple scenes in one frame; therefore will be very useful for taking groups as well as landscape views.

But it has a very large field of view, so distant objects are given a smaller size compared to their real size. However, if your goal is to achieve higher magnification, then you would have to go for an iPhone camera lens with a higher focal length.

This article will make a distinction of various iPhone lenses, how to select a good lens when it comes to smartphone camera’s and the best lenses for apple iPhones.

Know Your iPhone Lens First

Let’s understand an iPhone first, comes with up to 3 in-built lenses:

  • The wide lens
  • The telephoto lens
  • The ultra-wide lens

They are all good in some ways but bad in some other ways. The wide lens is the most common lens eligible on most iPhone models since it covers a broad range of locations. This is truly a versatile lens and a perfect one for all those normal shooting purposes.

It has a lens with an aperture of f/1. 5 and a FOV of about 26mm which, in their broad sense, is enough to capture a group of people or a landscape.

The second kind of iPhone lens is the telephoto lens. iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro , iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Pro all have this lense. Although it has fewer visual coverage compared to the wide lens, it is way more useful when it comes to capturing closer shots. It is stabilised and has an aperture of f/ 2. 8 and a field of view of about 77mm, thus will do well in things like portraits and close up renderings.

photo of lens that can be used on phone

Photo by K.K.T Madhusanka on shutterstock

The ultra-wide lens is one of the latest features that has joined the iPhone cameras, and it has become a favorite among many photographers. It contains an aperture of f/1.8, and a field of view of about 13mm.

It is wider than the other two lenses. This makes it ideal for capturing large scenes and pictures such as landscapes among others photo shots.

Today, however, the market also has external lenses for smartphone photography. They can be simply snapped on your iPhones by a unique phone case or clip, providing a new perspective to your photographs.

There are different kinds of iPhone camera lenses, and they range from the fish-eye lenses to telephoto lenses.

It is of essence to first learn the different iPhone camera lenses that are available as well as the function of each one of them to enable you to make the right shopping decision.

Different iPhone Camera Lenses

1. Wide-Angle Lens

Many people probably already know about this lens because of its capability in delivering sharp-focused images and videos with an ultra-wide-angle of view.

With this, one can take ‘jiggling’ magnified picture of a big part of a scene while few steps close from the subjects.

2. Fisheye Lens

The fisheye lens is an even wider lens than the wide field lens in that it takes in a much wider area of field than the regular wide-angle lens.

Where the term gets its name is when using the mod, one gets effect where the edges of the image look like a fisheye.

camera lens on phone

Photo by DUO Studio on shutterstock

3. Telephoto Lens

The lens that enables you to shoot object that are situated at a distant place is the telephoto lens. They have close working distances of approximately 70mm to 300mm, which implies that the lens elements are physically located from the image sensor.

This makes it possible to take picture of far- away objects due the narrow field of view.

4. Macro Lens

The macro lens enables you to shoot objects from a close range and capture tiny subjects within a frame. In this case, it has a very short focal length measuring from about 10mm to 30mm, which really means that the actual lens elements are nearly touching the image sensor.

This, in turn, leads to you having a very wide angle of view and allowing you to take photos of nearby objects in detail.

5. Anamorphic Lens

It is still important to consider how the anamorphic lens works since this influences the way the image is projected on the camera sensor. The focal length is on the longer side, in the range of around 40mm to 100mm, so the elements of the lens are spaced quite a distance away from the image sensor.

This leads to a more constricted field of view so it in effect compresses the images on the sensor in a squashed manner.

Even though the iPhone comes packed with fantastic lenses, there are a few other lenses that can be used and adjusted for good effect.

How to Choose a Good Lens for iPhone

Several points are worth noting when picking the right lens for the iPhone. Some of them include:

telephone camera lens on iPhone

Photo by LanKS on shutterstock-

1. Image Quality

Two primary factors determine image quality:

  • The resolution of the lens: This is the minimum resolving power per millimetre of the lens. The resolution can be defined as how many pixels, or clear digital points, the monitor can display across its width and height, and the more pixels it can display and therefore the sharper the picture.
  • The size of the sensor: The size of the sensor is another relevant parameter that determine image quality. For instance, a larger size of the sensor can help capture good image quality even in low light conditions.

One important feature of a good lens is that it should have a high resolution so that clear images can be captured. Secondly, the lens should have a large sensor for capturing as much light as possible yielding good color contrast images.

2. Focal Length

photo of camera lens kit for iPhone

Photo by LanKS on shutterstock

This refers to the distance that is measured from the image sensor to the lens and is taken when the object under capture is in the sharpest form that is, in focus.

The other thing that should interest anybody seeking an iPhone lens is the focal length. Shorter focal lengths require you to get closer to the intended subject giving a wider view so that the phone camera can capture more of the scene.

On the other hand, long focal lengths provide the ability to capture narrower fields of view. They capture less of scene and result in having great magnification on the picture.

With that in mind, you should choose a lens which suits your basic purpose of shooting.

3. Compatibility

camera lens on iPhone

Photo by Kanurism on shutterstock

The image is sourced from the shutterstock through Kanurism photography.

While most of the lenses fit the iPhone, not all are applicable to the lenses.

Some lenses will work only on a single model of iPhone, while other lenses will work with all currently available models.

A good lens, therefore, will fit well within your model of the iPhone to ease your way of use.

4. Mounting System

The mounting system is a method of how the lens is connected to the iPhone. There are several types of mounting equipment. Some of them include:

  • Threaded mount:Threaded mount means that the iPhone mounts by screwing the lens into it. Threaded mount is a type of mounting where it is screwed into the iPhone. This mounting system is made more secure, thereby providing a more firm contact point for holding lens onto an iPhone.

camera lens that can be directly mounted on iPhone

Photo by LanKS on shutterstock

  • Bayonet mount:A bayonet mount is a type of mounting system where the lens is screwed into the iPhone, via the use of bayonet fitting. This kind of a mount is not as secure as threaded kind of mount; however, the procedure of putting it in place or removing it is relatively easy.

The other important factor is that a lens should use a mounting system that you prefer to use. That‘s why if you need better security, it is better to take a lens with a threaded connection. If you want a lens which is easier to mount and dismount then you should prefer a phone camera lens which has a bayer mount.

12 Best iPhone Camera Lens  

Top Wide-Angle Lens for iPhone

1. Aikeglobal iPhone Camera Lens 4-In-1

Aikeglobal iPhone Camera Lens 4-In-1


  • 18X zoom lens
  • 198-degree Fisheye lens
  • 120°Super Wide Angle Lens
  • 20x Macro Lens
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 198-degree Fisheye lens that will help you to make incredible wide angle shots.
  • The embedded lens with the capacity to zoom 18X has a good functional aspect in enlarging objects far away
  • A characteristic of the lens is that it has a comparatively high weight. As a result, it is difficult to set it in a stable position for taking photographs
  • Images or scenes captured may not be entirely accurate when filming or photographing
  • iPhone 12 pro, iPhone 11 pro max, iPhone x

2. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Image Credit:

  • 45x Wide Angle Lens
  • 15X macro lens
  • Lens Clip and LED Light
  • 2-in-1 lens  lens comes in handy when taking pictures that require a wide-angle lens and those that require a close-up lens
  • It has a travel case which is very convenient to use in carrying it around with me
  • 15X macro lens for near objects thus providing perfect shots of close up subjects
  • Has some vignetting at the edges of the pictures depending with the lens used
  • Gives some distortion to the object that is being filmed
  • All iPhone version, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung note, Huawei, and many other Smartphone.

3. Olloclip 3-in-1 Lens kit

Olloclip 3-in-1 Lens kit

Image Credit:

  • 180 °  Fisheye Lens
  • 120 ° Super-Wide Lens
  • 15x Macro lens
  • This comes in a 3-in-1, and is uitable when you want to take different types of pictures
  • The intricacy of the patent system guarantees the lens’s firm connection to the phone
  • Is ready to take self-portraits, which means you don’t have to attach the lens to take a photo
  • It is relatively costly; it would therefore be good if its price were adjusted in a manner that would reach consumers
  • It may sometimes come off if it is not well placed on the camera
  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus

The actual good wide-angle lens for the iPhone available in the market could be the Aikeglobal iPhone Lens 4-in-1, 18X Zoom Telescope Lens Kit.

When compared with the other wide-angle lenses, it has earned accolades for being very lightweight and portable. It also has an 18X zoom lens which is good for zooming in on distant objects or images.

Top Fisheye Lens for iPhone

4. FEGOGO iPhone Camera Lens Kit

Developing plastic lenses can serve as an excellent addition as a tool for developing iPhone camera capabilities.

FEGOGO iPhone Camera Lens Kit

Image Credit:

  • 230° Fisheye  Lens
  • Fish Eye 65X Super Wide Angle Lens
  • 15X Macro Lens
  • The 0.35X optical zoom and up to 65X smart zoom is useful when taking pictures of distant objects and groups of people
  • The bulb offering 230-degrees allows one to capture rounded stunning pictures
  • The iPhone flashers are compatible with almost all iPhone models
  • Outputs images that are less focused and have an outer fringe
  • Creates distorted images that are possibly incongenial to some clients
  • iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Smartphone

5. Ragu 10-in-1 iPhone Camera Lens Kit

Ragu 10-in-1 iPhone Camera Lens Kit

Image Credit:

  • 12X telephoto lens
  • 25X macro lens
  • 235° fisheye lens
  • 62X wide angle lens
  • Holder for Phone, Remote for Shutter, Stand
  • One of the features that is particularly useful is that it has a lightweight carrying case that allows you to bring it with me wherever you go
  • In terms of compatibility, it is suitable with almost all iPhone versions
  • The 12X macro lens is suitable for capturing pictures of small objects, and they are mainly used in close ranges
  • Images are formed with black corners when the described lens is used
  • It is not very strong and thus it may slip off easily
  • Iphone X, Iphone 8, Iphone 6, iPhone 7 plus, iphone 6s plus, Samsung Smartphone6

6. Leknes 3-in-1 Phone Lens Kit

This a set of lenses that attaches on your smart phone and allows you take clear shots from a close range.

Leknes 3-in-1 Phone Lens Kit

Image Credit:

  • 198° Fisheye Lens
  • 120° Wide Angle Lens
  • Macro Lens
  • Their 198-degree field of view makes it possible for people to take ood shots in wide-angle photography
  • It is constructed of a durable and high quality aluminium alloy to give it some weight
  • In terms of lens versatility, this model has the clip-on design of the two components, which makes it very convenient to attach and detach the lens
  • Creates images with its black corners
  • They can also become loose, or when not attached properly and can be easily knocked off
  • Most, if not all cell phone models, iOS and android phones

To sum up, making use of the iPhone camera, the best fisheye lens would be the FEGEGO iPhone camera lens kit

It has 0.65X super wide angle lens which will be admirable for taking shots of groups like families or even scenery

It comes with a 230-degree fish eye lens which can capture rounded stunning pictures

Top Telephoto for iPhone

7. Surui 3-In-1 iPhone Lens Kit

Surui 3-In-1 iPhone Lens Kit

Image Credit:

  • 18mm Wide Angle Lens
  • 170° Fisheye Lens
  • 10X Macro Lens
  • It enhances facial features and with the Street Mod feature; it is perfect for portraits and capturing life on the streets
  • Has maximum aperture of 170 degrees to take great wide-angle shots
  • Can be used in capturing close up images of small objects
  • Produces subpar image quality
  • Not suitable for hunting for wild animals
  • Almost all the cell phone models that are available for sale in the market today

8. Voongeek iPhone Camera Lens Kit

Voongeek iPhone Camera Lens Kit

Image Credit:

  • 22X Telephoto Lens
  • 205° Fisheye Lens
  • 67X Super Wide Angle Lens
  • The 25x Macro Lens
  • 22X telephoto lens is great for magnifying distant objects
  • Affordable, considering the quality offered
  • Made from aircraft aluminum; hence, they are durable
  • It has clips on it that you can attach to the lens, and so, with these, you can take good pictures
  • Expensive
  • The lens offers an average image quality
  • Heavy, thus, requires a tripod to stay in its place
  • Most of the iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, OnePluses

9. Sevenka 6-in-1 Lens Kit

Image Credit:

  • 18X Telephoto
  • 198° Fish
  • 15X Macro Lens
  • 63X Wide Angle Lens
  • CPL lens
  • Kaleidoscope Lens
  • The 18X optical zoom lens is ideal for taking extreme close-ups of objects in the distance
  • With the 198-degree fisheye lens, you can make beautiful wide-angle photos
  • The 15X macro lens is excellent for taking close-up shots of small objects
  • The lens barrel is so long, which can be quite a hassle to manage when travelling
  • It's heavy, so it will need a tripod to stay put
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, Samsung Android Smartphone

Well, the best bet would be the Voongeek iPhone Camera Lens Kit because of its improved quality compared to most other telephoto lenses.

Its price is reasonable in comparison to the relative quality of the other telephoto lenses. The lens is made from aircraft aluminum and is, therefore, durable. It has clips to attach to the lens, making taking pictures easy.

Top Macro Lens for iPhone

10. Apexel 11-in-1 Camera Lens Kit

Apexel 11-in-1 Camera Lens Kit

Image Credit:

  • 140° Super Wide Angle Lens
  • Macro Lens
  • Good Evening
  • 4 Grad Color Lenses
  • ND32 Filter
  • Kaleidoscope Lens
  • CPL Applications
  • Star Filter
  • It has a high-quality lens with optical glass coated to prevent scratches
  • Its manual focus lens gives users more control over their pictures
  • Aluminum frame; hence, strong
  • A removable clamp for easy transportation
  • The clamp is not that durable and might be lost easily
  • The lens can be a bit hard for beginners to fix into place
  • Most iPhones, Pixels, Samsung Galaxies and OnePlus Camera Phones

11. Copedvic 25X Macro Lens Kit

Copedvic 25X Macro Lens Kit

Image Credit:

  • 22X HIGH
  • 25X Macro Lens
  • For your well-being, the
  • Kaleidoscopes Lens
  • Starlight Lens
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • The 25X is an incredible zoom power for magnification of distant objects
  • The Optimal glass lens is quite straightforward and details pictures with excellence
  • This Bluetooth remote control will just enable you to take pictures wirelessly
  • The remote control might not be compatible with all devices
  • Under-engineered and hence not very durable
  • Many iPhone and smartphone models

12. Moment Macro Lens

Moment Macro Lens

Image Credit:

  • 10X Macro
  • Magnetic Quick Release System
  • This 10X macro lens lets you make pretty good close-up photographs
  • Sharp and detailed clarity in the photos is allowed by the coated glass lens with multi-element
  • The magnetic mounting system enables the easy attachment and detachment of the lens
  • The working distance is too small
  • Expensive because of the housing


  • The majority of iPhone, Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and OnePlus smartphone cameras.

The best macro lens for iPhone would be the Apexel 11-in-1 Camera Lens Kit. It is much stronger and of a better design.

Unlike the Copedvic lens, the manual focus lets one control their shots. It is even cheaper than a Moment Macro Lens.


Although an iPhone camera does a fair job for photography, with a camera lens on, it will be able to take more professional and captivating.

Well, with such an understanding of the type of cameras for iPhones and the role that each plays, you really should be able to make an appropriate selection for a camera lens for iPhones.

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