Best Photo Apps to Turn Photo into Painting

oil painting Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on unsplash

Photo manipulation is evolving with the ever-changing technology. People not only depend on Adobe tools like Photoshop or Lightroom but also rely on phone or PC/desktop apps and social media editing features. 

Turning real time photos into painting is another form of editing that's gaining popularity. The unique editing variety is accessible through automated apps. The write-up below looks at the best photo app for turning images into paintings. Read on to find more:

Best Apps to Turn Photos into Paintings

Are you looking to turn your images into the best art for your page? Here are the top apps to use:

1. Fotosketcher

The interface of Fotosketcher website

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Choosing Fotosketcher is an enjoyable experience when editing photos. True to that, the desktop program has all necessary painting features. Furthermore, it is simple to use. You only need to make a few clicks to obtain the desired outcomes.

Painting Types 

Painting modes used in Fotosketcher are oil versions, pencil sketches, and watercolor features. 

Main Functions 

The app is a lifesaver for photo editors, and here are some of its main functions: 

  • Provide essential effects and filters that turn pictures into art. 
  • Create room for creativity through customization features. This is by allowing you to change tool sizes or pick specific shades. 

Pricing: Free. 

Download links: Fotosketcher 

2. Oil brush App

The interface of Oil brush App website

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The Oilbrush iOS app is perfect if you specifically want oil paintings. You'll get 29 presets when transforming your pictures, and interact with great AI technology/assistance. 

The tool is useful for both pros and beginners. It has simple and advanced functions, like color filters and retouching options. You can also get  tone adjustments features for thorough editing. 

Painting Types

The painting variations include 44 color and oil options. They also come in handy when using the retouching tools. 

Main Functions

  • Training amateurs on photo editing skills.
  • Offering retouch options for your pictures. 
  • Providing AI editing features. 

Pricing: You can use the limited free version or pay $2.99/month, $18.99/ yearly or $49.99/life for the premium services. 

Download link: App Store 

    3. Prisma

    The interface of prisma-ai website

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    Another excellent option is Prisma, always guaranteeing quality outcomes. It offers various painting styles through its diverse tools and features. For instance, it has 16 varying visual styles. 

    Painting Types

    Prisma offers you 21 paint variations and standard watercolor features. Additionally, you get 300 artistic features, inspired by popular artists like Van Gough and Munch. 

    Main Functions

    • Allows users to adjust different picture painting results. 
    • Provide editors with quality and artistic ideas. 
    • Offer AI tools that transform photos from standard to artistic and authentic versions. 

    Pricing: There's a 3-day trial. Subscription costs $4.16/month or $49.99/annum. 

    Download Link: App Store or Android

    4. Brushstroke

    The interface of Brushstroke website

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    Another reliable photo-painting app is the Brushstroke, boasting automated functions and improved editing tools. The app includes standard and AI features, ensuring all interested editors achieve desired results. 

    You can also integrate the app with other platforms like Canva. Check its features and painting styles below. 

    Painting Types

    You get to interact with acrylic, oil paint, and gloss. Also Brushstroke allows users to use its colour palettes. You can combine the painting variations with the palettes

    Main Functions

    Here are the main functions of the Brushstroke tool. 

    • Allowing for customization through its features. 
    • Offering advanced features like texture variations. 
    • You can manipulate your video footage.

    Pricing: It costs $3.99 for Pro desktop versions and $5.99 for mobile users. 

    Download link: iOS mobile or Mac

    5. DeepArt Effects

    The interface of DeepArt Effects website

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    The DeepArt Effects app lives up to its name, boasting excellent editing features. Like Prisma and Brushstroke, it has all editing tools, including the ability to scale original photos up to four times. 

    Painting Types

    You'll find 50 free filter versions. You can combine them with oil paints, sketches, and abstract art. 

    Main Function

    • Integration of automated features. This includes AI for generating quality photo paintings. 
    • The app doesn't fish or expose your data. 

    Pricing: The app is free.

    Download links: Play Store or App Store.

    6. Tangled X

    The interface of Tangled X website

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    Tangled X is a fantastic application boasting the best digital art editing features. It is effective at scaling photographs without sacrificing the quality. Unfortunately, it is only available to iOS users. 

    Painting Types

    The software offers 16 visual settings and various fine-tuning options. You may easily traverse the graphic styles with a few simple clicks. 

    Main Function

    • Offering advanced digital editing tools.
    • Allowing users to scale up photos to any size. 
    • Providing AI features. 

    Pricing: $2.99/month. 

    Download link: iOS

    7. ArtFilter Photo Editor 

    The interface of ArtFilter Photo Editor website

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    The ArtFilter editor incorporates pencil art editing, photo-to-sketch, and black & white features. Therefore, you can conveniently turn your photo into a cartoon or the best artistic images. Read below to discover its features and usage. 

    Painting Types 

    You’ll get to interact with oil paints, Prisma, and Pop art styles. 

    Main Function 

    • Allows the combination of its features.
    • Has an interactive interface to enhance user-experience. 
    • Enables photo collage creation. 
    • Allows for personalized editing.

    Pricing: The app is free. 

    Download link: Play Store

    8. Waterlogue 

    The interface of Waterlogue website

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    The Waterlogue app offers some of the best photo-painting outcomes for iPhone users. It helps preserve the aesthetics of the original image while it turns them into masterpieces. It does this via watercolors, which you can use to customize the brushstroke tool and saturation.

    Types of painting

    You’ll get to interact with oil, charcoal paints and pencil sketches. Also, there's paper texture that helps add final touches to your painting masterpiece. 

    Main Functions

    • The app’s style is similar to traditional painting methods.
    • You can depend on the color options during customization. 
    • Offers diversity through its multiple styles.

     Pricing: Costs $4.99.

    Download link: Apple Store


    There you have it on the best photo apps that turn images to paintings. The article looks at platforms available for different techs, iOS, PC, Mac, or Android devices. Also, you can find an app within your budget, while others also offer free editing features. Click the links to learn more about them. 

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