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Kate Grey Seamless Paper Backdrop for Photography (U.S. only)

Kate Grey Seamless Paper Backdrop for Photography (U.S. only)

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Product information

We focus on making photographic products and providing excellent products for photography enthusiasts so that they can make better works.

Introduction to Kate Seamless Paper Backdrop

Kate Seamless Paper backdrops deliver professional-grade backdrops with a non-reflective, finely textured finish, perfect for crafting smooth and uniform backgrounds for portrait photography, product shoots, video interviews, social media content, and more. Simply unroll the amount you need and you're all set! Our backdrops come in a wide range of colors and are 100% recyclable, ensuring both style and sustainability for your creative projects. If the paper gets torn or dirty after a photo shoot, just trim off the affected section and recycle it.

Which Size Do I Need?

2.2 ft wide x 33 ft long

Ideal for crafting, banners and small product photography.

4.4 ft wide x 33 ft long

Ideal for headshots, 3/4-body shots, kids, infants, small pets and small products.

7 ft wide x 33 ft long

Ideal for full-body shots.

How to Use?

Set up

Start by mounting the backdrop on a support stand, inserting the crossbar through the core.

Roll Out

Roll out the paper to the length you need for your photo session..


Use clamps to keep the roll from unraveling further than needed. Tape the end to the floor to prevent curling.


After finished, trim off the torn or dirty portion and roll up the rest of the paper for your next photo shoot.

Some small tips:

1. Gaffer tape is recommended to tape edges down on the floor.

2. After session finished, roll them back up tightly and evenly.

3. Roll them on a hard surface to avoid pucker and crease.

4. Store them vertically in dry spaces.

Size Information

Backdrop Size All our backdrops sizes are Width x Height. First number is Width and second one is Height. We offer any size backdrops even your custom backdrops,there is no limit to the size range.But only a few of the common dimensions are shown on the site,ranging from 3ft wide all the way to 20ft wide. If you don't know how to choose your backdrops size,click our size page.

Rubber Floor Mats Size

Collapsible Pop-up Backdrops Size

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