action camera with microphone attachment Photo by Kushagra Kevat on Unsplash
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11 Must-Have Microphone Attachments for High-Quality Audio

Action cameras like GoPro and DJI have become increasingly popular for capturing action shots and videos. But to record high-quality audio, you need an external microphone input. That's where an Ac...
maternity milk bath photo by Olga Boichuk 87 on shutterstock
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How to Photograph Milk Bath for Maternity: Guides | Tips

Photograph milk bath for maternity is definitely a perfect way to add a creative and unique touch to your maternity sessions. However, how to make a milk bath for pregnancy photoshoot? How to take ...
woman full body photo by @bokehandvignette
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A Beginner's Guide to Full Body Photography: Camera Settings | Lens | Posing Tips

If you are a photographer or want to be one, you must have seen some fantastic full-body portraits of people in magazines, billboards, and other places and wondered how they take such amazing photo...
a girl's photo with Kate Pink Flowers for Portrait Photography Backdrops
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How to Choose the Right Floral Backdrop for Your Event

When planning an event, it's important to choose the right floral backdrop to set the tone and atmosphere of the occasion. Whether you're planning a wedding, a corporate event, or a private party, ...
color contrast Photo by davisuko on Unsplash
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A Beginner's Guide to Contrast Photography: Types | Features | How to Use

If you're new to photography, the term "contrast" might be confusing. Worry not, though. In this article, we'll introduce you to the basics of contrast photography. You'll learn about the different...
15 Aesthetic Birthday Photoshoot Ideas for Instagram
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15 Aesthetic Birthday Photoshoot Ideas for Instagram

Birthdays are a chance to celebrate the start of a new part of our lives, and they help us reflect on our past with fresh eyes. Since our birthdays happen yearly, this special day should be made ex...
worm's eye view photo of forest by Kim Daniel on Unsplash
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Ultimate Guide to Worms Eye View Photography: What, Why | How

Have you ever seen a photograph that made you feel right in the middle of the action? If so, then you have experienced worm's eye view photography. This type of photograph is taken from a low angle...
little girl's fall photo with Kate Fall Fallen Leaves Backdrop Outside The Window for Photography
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17 Expert Fall Photoshoot Ideas to Capture the Color

With the leaves changing color and the weather cooling down, fall is the perfect time to get outside and capture some amazing photos. From pumpkins to foliage, there are endless opportunities for b...
dance photo with Kate Texture Abstract Steel-gray Lines for Photography
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A Step-by-Step Tutorial: Top 10 Classic Dance Poses for Photography

Dance is a beautiful form of expression that people of all ages can enjoy. While there are many different styles of dance, classic dance poses are always elegant and timeless. Here are ten classic ...